I can look back on more than 12 years of teaching experience at various universities. My courses include a variety of topics, such as:

populism in Europe,
parties and party systems,
democracies in international comparison,
the political system of Germany,
epistemological and methodological approaches in political science.

As a university teacher, I value and encourage interaction, discussion and a well-informed and critical approach to research. Wherever possible, I animate students to work with primary data and conduct their own empirical projects.

For instance, together with Frank Decker, I have offered a Master’s course on ‘Empirical Populism Research’ (Empirische Populismusforschung) in the winter term 2018/19 at the University of Bonn, which was part of the The Populist Radical Right and Protectionism project. In this course, student research groups hand-coded the manifestos of populist radical right parties based on an extensive codebook (which shall be made available in due course). If interested, please find the syllabus here (in German):
Syllabus “Empirische Populismusforschung”.

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